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Culture is the lifeblood of the Fitzroy Valley. Wangki Radio is proud of the work we do to preserve and showcase stories, culture and language for future generations. Wangki Radio's Language Stories are the result of countless hours of hard work from all staff. Wangki Radio is for the people of the Fitzroy Valley.

Bunuba Language Stories

Bunuba language is spoken by some 160 older Bunuba adults, most of whom live in and around Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia.

Gooniyandi Language Stories

Gooniyandi language is now spoken by about 100 people, most of whom live in or near Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia.

Walmajarri Language Stories

Walmajarri language is spoken by the Walmajarri people who traditionally live in the Great Sandy Desert in the Kimberley.

Other Language Stories

These are stories recorded in other traditional languages of the Kimberley Region of Western Australia

Fitzroy Places, Fitzroy Faces

Stories, in English, which share the history and culture of the Fitzroy Valley.