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Healing Begins as Community Reburies Remains

It was an emotional day in Fitzroy Crossing as the remains of more than 60 Aboriginal people have finally been reburied, after floods in 2017 destroyed the pioneer...

Are You Okay?

Wayne chats with Brendan Maher, CEO of R U OK? a national organisation aimed at starting conversations about mental health. 



"White Guilt" to blame for silence around Indigenous Domestic Violence: Josephine Cashman

Indigenous Lawyer Josephine Cashman has blamed "White Guilt" for the silence around the disproportionate levels of domestic violence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women face compared to Non-...

Designing World Class Fashion, In The Bush

Marnin Studio is a social enterprise art and textiles studio based in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia for the past few years they have been travelling out on the country to design pieces of...

Further Push For Indigenous Voice To Parliament

The Joint Select Committee into Constitutional Recognition has handed down its interim report. This follows large consultation with Indigenous people right across Australia. The committee found that...

Wangki in Sydney for the 2018 NAIDOC Confrence

Wayne Bynder was recently in Sydney for the 2018 NAIDOC Events, whilst there he interviewed some well known Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women that were attending the NAIDOC Womens...


Fitzroy School On Air!

Through our Youth Media Hub with support from SYN Media, Wangki Radio has sucsessfully engaged a large number of students from Fitzroy Valley District High School in creating a weekly radio...


Old Cemetery Repatriation Project

Neil Carter from KALACC and Dickie Bedfore from Marra Worra Worra talk about the progress of the old cemetery repatriation project.



Aspire UWA Program

Mitch chats with Ray and Sasha from The University of Western Australia's Aspire Program.



Bunuba Woman's Rangers

Mitch interviews the Female Bunuba Rangers about the work they do out on country.


What Is Fracking and How Will It Effect You?

To describe fracking as controversial is an understatement, I investigate  exactly what fracking is and where it currently sits in Western Australia....


THE EDGE: Out on Walmajarri country in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, there is a crack team of Aboriginal women conserving country and passing on traditional knowledge for future...

Mallingbar (Kennedy Hill) Community Demolition

THE EDGE: The Aboriginal Community of Mallingbar is a stone throw from Chinatown in Broome and for many years the Shire of Broome has wanted to demolish it. In recent years the community has...


Strong Opinions at Fitzroy Parlimentary Hearing

THE EDGE: There were strong voices and opinions from Fitzroy Valley residents at the public hearing of the Joint-Select Committee into Constitutional Recognition. 



Clontarf Boys Lead Our Footy Coverage

YOUTH MEDIA HUB: At Clontarfs 2018 Big River Carnival where teams from Broome, Derby, Halls Creek & Fitzroy Crossing came to compete in Football, Tug of War and take part in health activities...


New App to Connect Indigenous People Together

Wayne Bynder had a chat with Dr Chirs Laurance at Perth Airport about a new app he's working on that aims to connect indigenous people together.



We pay DOUBLE for insurance!

THE EDGE: The ACCC has released an interim report stating that the northwest of WA has the highest costs of home and contents insurance in the country, on average paying double what the rest...


Constitutional Recognition Hearings Coming to Fitzroy

THE EDGE: Dylan Storer interviews Senator Patrick Dodson about the upcoming parliamentary hearing on constitutional recognition to be held in Fitzroy Crossing.